I am filled with gratitude when I consider how much I have. I have everything I need to feel happy and fulfilled. I recognize that happiness is a state of mind. I can choose to be happy under any conditions. Happiness is my natural state.

Mountain view.

I may sometimes think that…

People have long believed that what you put out into the world is what will be returned to you. Therefore, putting the needs of others first is certainly a great strategy for ensuring your long-term happiness.

Children playing.

How Putting Others First Will Increase Your Happiness:

1. Develop closer relationships with others…

If there’s one thing that many wise people throughout history have realized, it’s that life has a unique sense of humor.

Why else would happiness be something that almost everyone wants and covets, yet only a few ever realize in their lifetimes?

Beach walk.

Another similar joke that life plays on all…

Most people think they would be happy if they had more “stuff” or more money. A better car or a better house sounds pretty good to most people. But more money and “things” don’t necessarily make you happier.

Having a car might make it easier to be happy if it…

Roy Clayton

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