I am filled with gratitude when I consider how much I have. I have everything I need to feel happy and fulfilled. I recognize that happiness is a state of mind. I can choose to be happy under any conditions. Happiness is my natural state.

Mountain view.

I may sometimes think that I require more money or popularity to feel more blissful. But then I realize that happiness is something that I always have. It is my desire for meaningless things that make happiness elusive. I remind myself to pay attention to the meaningful people and activities in my life.

When I…

People have long believed that what you put out into the world is what will be returned to you. Therefore, putting the needs of others first is certainly a great strategy for ensuring your long-term happiness.

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How Putting Others First Will Increase Your Happiness:

1. Develop closer relationships with others. Showing more consideration for others will naturally improve your relationships. People are more likely to reciprocate if you are kind. Even if they fail to return your generosity, you’ll be able to accept temporary disappointments more easily because your relationships will be grounded in sincere regard for their welfare.


If there’s one thing that many wise people throughout history have realized, it’s that life has a unique sense of humor.

Why else would happiness be something that almost everyone wants and covets, yet only a few ever realize in their lifetimes?

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Another similar joke that life plays on all of us is that happiness is often achieved by those who stop seeking it out.

This may seem counterintuitive at first, however, as we explain some of the common beliefs happy people share, it will become readily apparent how those who don’t seek happiness are the most likely to find…

Have you found yourself just sitting around wondering what makes the lives of others so great that they seem to be happy more often than not? You’ve probably concluded that they’ve been dealt a better hand of cards than you, right?

You might be surprised to find out that many people aren’t really happy because of their circumstances, but instead because they make the most of what has been given to them. That happiness you see is probably coming from a deeper inner peace.

Happy face.

How can you acquire that same peace?

Fortunately, there are simple everyday activities that lift your…

Happiness is my constant state of mind. I could easily give in to feelings of guilt, anger, or sadness, but I feel so much better when I am happy. And because I feel positive about life, I radiate joy, which in turn comes back to me.

Happy lady.

In any situation, I take a minute to look at the value of my circumstances. I believe that there is a wealth of lessons and knowledge to be found everywhere. These teachings, whether positive or negative, help to shape me into a better person. Being the best person I can fill me with joy.

I envision the path to happiness as a road through the desert, in July. The heat radiates off the asphalt, so I am unsure of just how far the road stretches off into the distance. Of course, this is my vision, so the road is as long — or short — as I want it to be.

With my mind, I create oases and mountains that provide shade. I create happiness.

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I am in control of my happiness because happiness is perceived. Happiness is a goal always within grasp, though many perceive it to be at the end of the…

Most people think they would be happy if they had more “stuff” or more money. A better car or a better house sounds pretty good to most people. But more money and “things” don’t necessarily make you happier.

Having a car might make it easier to be happy if it means you don’t have to walk everywhere. Having more money can make it easier to be happy if you currently can’t pay all your bills. So these things can remove some of the obstacles to being happy, but they don’t really provide happiness.

People celebrating.

These four things do bring happiness, and…

My day to day activities is deliberate. I choose to move through life with a grateful mindset. That focus enables me to maintain a positive life.

When I step into my office each day, I remind myself that having a job is a luxury. Being thankful for employment gives me the motivation to work diligently.

Mum and child making flower chains.

Before I greet a friend or stranger, I express the gratitude that I can see them and speak with them. My initial expressions set a positive tone for our conversation.

The simple blessings of life are apparent to me with each step that I take…

Do you realize how much you can improve your outlook on life by simply being grateful? This is what is called an “attitude of gratitude.” If you cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” you’ll actually bring even more joys into your life like a fulfilling career, pay raises, wealth, health, and stronger relationships.

Horse smelling flowers.

An attitude of gratitude is truly a magnet for prosperity and success. After all, much of life is about your attitude and your outlook on things. It’s been said that optimists may be wrong and pessimists may be right about some things, but optimists enjoy the ride. …

Happiness is a choice. It’s true. You can choose to let life’s circumstances get you down or you can choose to be happy no matter what challenges life brings.

Happiness is already within each of us and we are born to be naturally happy! For example, have you ever noticed how infectious a baby’s giggle is? So why is it that, as we get older, we forget where to find happiness within ourselves and, instead, allow outside forces to determine our happiness?

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You can determine your own happiness by following these simple strategies:

· When life gives you lemons, make…

Roy Clayton

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