Roy Clayton
3 min readJul 26, 2020


An Origin story that’s just One Funnel Away.

Suddenly I find myself out of work, a new experience for me, I’ve never been unemployed, what do I do now?

I’d always had a desire to work for myself, preferred being given a task, and then rewarded on my achievements rather than being micro-managed. I thought, “Maybe I should start my own business online”?

I also had a personal ambition to give to others, something I rarely told anyone else, maybe this idea could fulfil this desire too.

I started learning WordPress, and to blog as well as a Shopify site, teaching myself through Udemy and other sites.

I learned quickly that a lot of this industry was a scam, people offering “get rich quick” schemes for purchasing their products, but I was fortunate to invest very little into these “money pits” before

I realised how careful I needed to be to avoid these scams.

I was relying on SEO for traffic and knew this would take time, so continued with my plan even though I didn’t see much success.

Then my wife became ill and I didn’t have the time or the heart to invest the time and effort needed. As my wife recovered I continued but I needed to re-learn some parts and found momentum difficult, but eventually would make some progress again.

For the second, then a third time, we were going through a similar cycle of my wife needing to go into hospital, and my business plans being paused again.

Months turning to years; I was feeling guilty that I’d not had any real success. My wife was much better so I needed something that would get me going again, and if this exists, help to encourage me and give me the mindset that overcomes obstacles rather than is stopped by them.

This is where I was introduced to Click funnels and the “One Funnel Away” Challenge. I read Dotcom and Expert Secrets books and went through the challenge, this was just what I needed, my belief came back, I could see a plan again, a new opportunity, a new vehicle that I liked, and maybe my original dream could still become a reality.

My success story is still something that is perhaps in the future but I have momentum again, a strategy, as well as others to follow who have similar journeys to success.

I understand that my journey is a “work in progress” but I can believe again and understand what I need to do differently when I face obstacles.

I am taking one step at a time, the next step is most important, anything else needn’t concern me right now, at the next obstacle I pivot and carry on until I reach my goal.

Thank you,

Roy Clayton.