Exemplify happiness in every circumstance.

Roy Clayton
3 min readJan 1, 2021

Happiness is my constant state of mind. I could easily give in to feelings of guilt, anger, or sadness, but I feel so much better when I am happy. And because I feel positive about life, I radiate joy, which in turn comes back to me.

Happy lady.

In any situation, I take a minute to look at the value of my circumstances. I believe that there is a wealth of lessons and knowledge to be found everywhere. These teachings, whether positive or negative, help to shape me into a better person. Being the best person I can fill me with joy.

True happiness also means nurturing the well-being of my family. I pay attention to the impact my actions have on those that I love.

When my child gets injured at school or has a falling-out with a friend, I put on my nurturing hat. I offer support and unconditional love. The healing I see when my child’s face lights up again is more than enough to make me happy.

I know I am truly at peace when every breath I take brings fulfillment. My happiness comes from spiritual and emotional soundness and honesty. Any attempts to mask true feelings with false positivity are quickly noticed because happiness comes from an honest place.

Today, I continue to live with the mindset that my happiness comes from within. My peace of mind is a result of my innate strength, resolve, and perseverance. I reap good rewards from whatever is sown.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Can I help others to cultivate happiness even when I am feeling down?

2. How do I share my joy with those I love?

3. Do I allow others’ unpleasant moods or reactions to affect my happiness?

I make room for happiness.

I am committed to being happy.

I let go of resentments and forgive myself when I make a mistake. I regard others with affection, even when I disagree with their actions.

I keep a positive perspective regarding material goods. I enjoy what I have instead of craving more possessions. I know that I can find more joy in my spiritual practices and relationships than I can with my belongings.

I do my best to manage stress. I practice relaxation techniques that loosen up my body and mind. Soaking in a warm bath soothes my nerves and leaves me feeling refreshed. Meditation calms my thoughts.

I live for today and savor the present moment. I take pleasure in the sound of birds singing and the aroma of coffee brewing.

I cultivate gratitude. Remembering my blessings opens up my heart. Being thankful makes me more happy and content with my life. I tell people how much they mean to me.

I encourage myself to have fun and take time to play throughout the day. I make a game out of picking up toys with my children or stop and dance while mopping my kitchen floor.

I view challenges as opportunities to grow and develop more compassion. I build on my successes by sharing them with others.

CAN written in chalk.

I generate positive thoughts and look on the bright side.

Today, I welcome happiness. I smile at everyone I meet and celebrate everything that comes my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is happiness a choice?

2. How do my actions reflect the value that I place on happiness?

3. In what ways can I train myself to be more optimistic?

If you’d like a free digital copy of my “Happiness Journal” that I’ve created to help us, as we go through this subject, you can get it from here.

Roy Clayton