The incredible internet marketing course, Pre-training catch-up weekend.

The incredible internet marketing course, Pre-training catch-up weekend.

Today we continue my journal of the One Funnel Away Challenge; this weekend is the conclusion to the pre-training week, with what we can call the catch-up weekend.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and you’ll see that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

As this weekend is mainly for “catch up” the only training in the member's area is from Jim Edwards, starting with a 30-minutes video titled, “10 copywriting mistakes people make and how to avoid them”. Also joining the call is Jim’s friend, former Navy seal, Stew Smith.

So I will list these 10 mistakes, with a short explanation if appropriate:

1 — No headline, or the wrong headline for the temperature of the traffic that you are targeting.

2 — Talking only about the features only, as most products on Amazon. Features only get you so far but don’t get you emotional, needed is the benefits and the meaning of that benefit to them.

3 — Talking all about you and not about them. Sales copy needs to be all about them and their needs.

4 — No clear reason, why to buy. E.g. Make money, save money, save time, avoid pain, be cleaner, increase status etc.

5 — No clear “call to action”, telling people exactly what to do to buy now.

6 — Trying to write your sales copy from scratch. You are a glutton for punishment if you do this. You need to use scripts and tools.

7 — Not having any sort of hook or curiosity mechanism in your copy.

8 — “Wishy-washy positioning”. Basically don’t give any indication that you are not 100% committed and believe in what it is you are selling.

9 — No clear offer. The magic phrase, “Here’s exactly what you are going to get”.

10 — There’s no offer stack, no value stack, no offer summary. This needs to be a clear reminder, and this is where I need to press to get this.

Problem replaced with Solution

The second video to conclude this pre-training week is a 9-minute video and a 29-minute presentation from Jim Edwards, to get ahead with some teaching that we will go much deeper into later in this challenge, about how our Epiphany bridge stories fit into copywriting.

We’ll talk about, the 6 different angles you can use for your story; why you need to tell a specific type of story; examples to illustrate the different types of story angles; and how this type of story overcomes objections

My Epiphany story needs to answer the question, “why am I selling this? And who am I and why am I qualified to bring this to my customer”?

So we use our epiphany story to answer these questions. We can do this through our, experience, observation, pressing needs, aha moments, desire to serve or help, and the big one which is pain, for yourself or others.

This catch-up weekend has enabled me to catch up and I’m prepared for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

So see you tomorrow as we start the main part of the challenge with; week 1, mission 1.

Thank you.