Roy Clayton
3 min readJul 15, 2020


The incredible internet marketing course, Pre-Training Day2

Today I want to go through “day two”, of the “One Funnel Away” challenge. As I go through this course I want to document my journey here. Today is a pre-training day two, titled “Failure”, which sounds like a negative subject to cover, but as I’m discovering it’s actually positive as we look at how to turn our failures into our successes. Continuing with the whole first week and concentrates mainly on belief.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and you’ll see that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

New posts are available in the Facebook group, with the daily missions listed, these missions are a copy of what is in my “member’s area”, so I prefer to follow the missions from here, a personal choice but I prefer to do it this way. Also in the Facebook group, I can see that a Facebook live is planned, this isn’t required, but has good advice on what’s expected as I go through the course.

Russell Brunson’s video today is 2-minutes only, as it’s an introduction to a pre-recorded video of Russel’s talk at a presentation titled; “One Funnel Away”, it’s 100-minutes long and a lot of Russell’s early years, and reveals some of the marketing secrets he learned that are extremely valuable to understand today. So a long presentation but well worth watching.

Stephen Larsen’s video in the member’s area is 32-minutes, and continues with belief, but digs deep into how to use our past failures to our advantage. People get the idea that most successful people have either always been successful or achieved success quickly. But this isn’t normally the case. A panel of millionaires was asked, “How many businesses failed before you had a business that succeeded”, most had a dozen failed businesses and years trying.

Stephen explains why this challenge is a shortcut to success because of the sales techniques taught.

An 8-minute video by Jim Edwards concludes the daily tasks. Jim asks for “done” rather than perfect, to get the first draft done, “as soon as possible”, and improve by asking for the opinion of your target audience, other opinions other than your target audience don’t count! Jim’s mission for today is to buy something or find something recently bought, and analyze the “sales copy”, noting the techniques used, good or bad.

It’s been another very good day; I’ve enjoyed it, learned lots more important marketing secrets that I’m sure will be invaluable when I’m launching my funnel.

This is one secret I want to remember from today’s teaching, that a successful sales funnel, has little to do with how well it is built, but the success comes mainly from the sales and marketing techniques taught and then put into practice within your funnel.

I’ll come back with pre-training day three of the challenge tomorrow.

See you then.

Thank you.