The incredible internet marketing course, warm down Week 5 — Virtual Hackathon.

The incredible internet marketing course, warm down Week 5 — Virtual Hackathon.

Roy Clayton
4 min readAug 18, 2020

I’m journaling my way through Click funnels’, “One Funnel Away” Challenge, and we are presently is the post or warm down the week of the challenge, and today we have a live Virtual Hackathon, which I want to continue my journey with now.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

Normally the virtual hackathons are only for click funnels platinum members, but for this live hackathon only, click funnels has opened it up to those of us presently taking the OFA challenge. If I become a click funnels platinum member, then I will have access to a virtual hackathon, twice a day, five days a week.

Today’s hackathon is looking at “Lead Funnel”, why we should use a lead funnel, tips for building, then an over the shoulder look at this funnel being built.

We looked at how we can get any support we need from inside of our click funnels account, as well as looking at the many resources, templates, and training available, for the various membership levels.

Adam then began to show us step by step how to build a lead funnel from scratch, which is the funnel we build during the OFA challenge, so this is a great review of this process.

In the basic form, a lead funnel is just two pages, a great example of a lead funnel is the marketing secrets Blackbook, you can see this funnel here, and if you would like a copy of “Marketing Secrets Blackbook”, then you can get a free pdf copy here too.

The lead funnel was started because of “popups”, and then as popup blockers prevented their use, the lead page became the answer. Every business needs leads, so this is a very important funnel, and the email list is the most important asset in our companies, we can move from platform to platform and take your email list with us.

To create a lead funnel we need:

1 — A host — which for me is ClickFunnels

2 — A lead magnet — For example; an e-book, video training, guide or report, free trail, resource list, a coupon or discount.

3 — The Funnel — Simple page that creates curiosity and tells people what to do next.

4 — A follow-up funnel — Which is how we collect our email addresses.

Develop business

Adam now started to build this funnel while we watched, perhaps a little faster than most of us can build a funnel, but great to watch. We can go to the “Cookbook”, which lists and explains every type of funnel, and choose a squeeze page or lead magnet, slightly different purposes, but basically the same. We can save ourselves time by choosing a readymade funnel template, free and paid, a price tag doesn’t mean the funnel is better, just different.

Once we collect our customer’s email address we need to provide the product that we promised as the lead magnet, a useful feature Clickfunnels provides is the ability to store files up to 3mb, larger than this and we will need to store elsewhere like dropbox for example, but a small size file is ok. If our pdf is slightly larger than 3mb, we might want to use small pdf which is a web site where we can reduce pdf file size.

Other good advice when providing products to our customers, is to always point people to your thank you page to download their product because if I update the product and I sent the product by email I can’t then easily send my updated product, but if I just need to update my product on my thank you page, things are now much easier.

The following site has some great resources and is FREE to everyone, it is clickfunnels business tools, I like this feature that adds a play button to any image; you can find this here because I’m unable to send a video file in an email, I can use this tool to add a play button to my image, I can then make my image a hyperlink that points to my video on YouTube or somewhere.

Some great help, tips for building our follow up the funnel, writing great emails, how and where to store our email list, before moving into, testing the page, possibly the most important part of the build process. A great experience to be walked through this funnel builds.

The hackathon then continued with a Q&A session, answering questions from others on the call.

What an amazing challenge this is, we do have one final teaching this week, before this challenge is officially complete, so I will continue to journal this too. So see you then.

Thank you.

Roy Clayton.