Roy Clayton
5 min readJul 20, 2020


The incredible internet marketing course, warm down Week 5 — Virtual Hackathon.

The incredible internet marketing course, week 1, mission 1.

Today the One Funnel Away Challenge starts for real, last week’s pre-training week was great preparation, but today the real work starts.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and you’ll see that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

Today is titled: “Offer Hacking” which might sound a little questionable, but we will learn everything is legal and can be practised with a clear conscience.

Russell Brunson’s video today is 34-minutes and explains that even though Hook Story and Offer is the main part of what we are learning in this challenge, we are starting with the “Offer”, which may seem backward, but there are reasons why we start with the offer.

We create an irresistible offer, by offer hacking not Funnel hacking, there is a difference. It's important to identify who your customer is before you create your offer so that you are speaking to the correct audience.

Everything falls into one of three main categories; Health, Wealth, or Relationships, in the past, the core businesses targeted these markets, but now there are so many people selling to these main markets, each category now has to be broken down into many sub-markets or niches.

So, find the category gets me most excited, and then niche it down. At this stage it’s important to pick a niche and learn the processes, if it’s not your forever business that’s not the most important thing right now, learning the processes is.

As we offer-hack look for what is currently selling? So that we can sell what people are already buying?

Notice everywhere, the hooks that are grabbing your attention, the stories being told and the offers being made, as this is just part of today’s homework. We need to get super good at creating offers.

The workbook assignments today helps us to efficiently go through Russell’s tasks in this video, firstly to help choose a niche that I can run at least for the duration of this challenge, and then to look at what offers are currently working in my market right now? And to make a list of ten people in the submarket I want to go into.

A 12-minute video in the member’s area introduces us to Julie, who helps us to choose our niche. Julie goes through the workbook day’s task to help, and how to go and “offer-hack” your competitors

Stephen Larson’s coaching call is 34-minutes and starts with a broad statement that the purpose of this course is to change the way you see the world.

He introduces the main theme of offer hacking, which is, seeing what’s already being done, and offer hack, possibly a new concept for some who have been taught the opposite through business college, but nevertheless, this challenge is clearly teaching us that, “finding new”, is a very risky strategy.

I need to decide if I’m selling, health, wealth, or relationships, or at the very least I need the sales message for the product I’m selling to fit into one of these three main categories.

A sales message starts a promise, an offer delivers on the promise, so hacking, in essence, asks what are they selling and how are they selling it?

First, identify competitive lucrative market and make sure a lot of money is being made and sell back to this market. The process is to find what’s already selling; this will be different for everything so this is why it’s so important to learn the process.

The more homework or research you do the less risky this game is, we can cut out the trial by understanding that competition is my friend, and offer hack what is already succeeding.

Special Offer

Jim Edward’s video is 9-minutes today and includes a very useful script named, “The Niche Detective Wizard” this is another great asset we have as part of this challenge, I simply put in my keywords, or topics and press the build button.

You do get the best out of this wizard if you can enter quality first so Jim explains what critical things I need to watch out for as I do your research, which is: Headlines, Bullets, Promises, Problems, Desires, Deliverables, and finally the STORY being told.

Do lots and lots of research on web sites picking out what’s important.

We are introduced to Morag with a live consulting call which was two hours; these calls are worth 10x the value of the course alone, in my opinion.

Morag informed that she is “here to help” so would be answering questions after some teaching, then expanded further on how to simplify the offer into one sentence, how to find adds or funnels, explained the difference between the hook and the offer; the hook is whatever stops you from scrolling and the offer is what you are going to get if you take action.

Concluded with questions, some very specific but staying close to the day’s subject matter.

Later we were introduced to Lee with another live Coaching Session which was a two and a half hour marathon, continuing on today’s subject of Offer Hacking.

Lee answered questions as people joined the call, and then he taught on, the four levels of offer research, five mandatory questions to answer during offer creation, and then answered more questions on the offer creation.

Today has been very intense, which I sort of expected. I notice that there are no live coaching calls scheduled for tomorrow, so the workload should ease slightly, but these live calls are a great and valuable part of this challenge.

See you tomorrow with mission two of week one.

Thank you.