The incredible internet marketing course, Week 1, Mission 3.

The incredible internet marketing course, Week 1, Mission 3.

Today we continue my journal of Click funnels’ “One Funnel Away Challenge”, today is day 3 of week 1, titled: “Offer Sequencing”. Looking at the member’s area I can see nearly 3 hours of videos for today, as well as a 2 hour, live coaching call, so there’s lots of teaching today.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and you’ll see that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

Russell’s video is 17-minutes and starts with a story of how they, “saved Christmas” by basically, “brainstorming” idea for videos, audios, physical products, live events, etc. which we now call “Offer Sequencing” which is what we are looking at today.

The next step we introduce the funnel we will use on this challenge, the first page is a squeeze page, were we offer something amazing in exchange for our customer’s email address.

Next, we design the offer by going through our catalogue of ideas and grabbing one by one any appropriate items to make a great offer. For the final page of the funnel we create an up-sell page by offering an additional product, and if appropriate add more from my catalogue of ideas, to make another offer.

The key is to make the offer bigger until the price seems cheaper, my aim is to give my customer massive value, giving a better experience.

Julie’s video continues with the theme of “offer sequencing” practical ways to add products to your catalogue where we can create our offer from.

Julie uses some of the ideas in the 32-page book that’s provided with many great ideas for finding and creating products to add to our catalogue. Rather than spend time looking for products to add to our offers as we are building our funnel, the key is to have this catalogue full of ideas ahead of time so that we can simply choose appropriate items to add to our offer.

Stephen Larson’s first of two coaching calls today is 55-minutes and looks a why follow up problems is a good thing. Why? Because we then have the opportunity to solve these issues probably highlighted by our customer, we can then add products into our future offer stacks, that address these issues.

We can also edit our sales message to address these solutions, we might say, “why would I not want to buy” and address these issues, and the solution we’ve now added to our offer.

Stephen uses the story of a business selling repair tape and goes into detail how this business profits dramatically increased after selling their tape via an offer and sales funnel.

The potential average cart value dramatically increased and the cost per acquisition, reduced. Now I can spend so much more to acquire a customer and accelerate sales. Very deep business principles, but amazing.

Idea, Plan, Action

Stephen’s second coaching call is 57-minutes and teaches how to use Click funnels when you don’t control the cart e.g. affiliate links.

We really shouldn’t “link barf”, as Stephen calls it, you still have to be a marketer, no matter what you are selling

We might not control the cart of the product we want to promote, but we can still make an offer to anyone who wants to buy through us. So what should we offer?

To do this find post-purchase follow up problems, they are a gift to us as a marketer, because we can offer products that are a solution to these problems as free gifts if purchased through us.

Stephen also goes through another strategy where he uses to follow up emails to add value.

Being an affiliate is the best way to put on training wheels as long as we are still marketing, and not just emailing out our affiliate link.

In a nutshell, you create an offer around what you are promoting and create value.

Jim Edward’s copywriting teaching is 12-minutes

Today we are talking about the title of our offer, which Jim explains, is everything, firstly because; it creates the filter and the focus for me, and secondly, it creates the main part of my offer. We also then create a title or sub-title for each part of the offer.

Funnel scripts are something extra that you can purchase and this will help you find great copywriting, but a free pdf explaining the 12 core title templates, is a big help with today’s assignment, which is deciding on the title for our funnel.

Today’s live coaching call, we are introduced to Eli, he introduces himself with his story, then teaches marketing principle we need to understand as we move through this challenge.

As these calls are live others’ going through this challenge can ask questions and receive help understanding this week’s teaching.

Today we have had a lot of great and valuable teaching, lots to think about, and to put into practice as we build on more marketing principles we need as we start to build our sales funnel.

See you tomorrow as we continue with mission 4, of week 1, of this challenge.

Thank you.

Roy Clayton.