Roy Clayton
3 min readJul 23, 2020


The incredible internet marketing course, Week 1, Mission 4.

The incredible internet marketing course, Week 1, Mission 4.

Today we continue my journal of Click funnels’ “One Funnel Away Challenge”, today is day 4 of week 1, titled: “eCovers and Offer Assets”.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and you’ll see that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

Russell’s video today is 4-minutes teaching that adding an E-cover increases the perceived value drastically. So the assignment for today is to create E-covers for every product in our catalogue.

We can do these ourselves, which will be very time consuming, or better is to hire someone to do this for us. Previous training from the pre-week has explained how we need to be the orchestrator of our business and not the jack of all trades, so now I guess I need to put this into practice.

Stephen Larson’s coaching call today is 37-minutes and looks at the process of receiving something physical in the mail, and why this has massive inherent value.

The analogy may be the joy of a holiday that is coming soon, how you can receive great joy as the holiday approaches, even though the holiday might not have even started yet.

The difference between physical and digital products is huge, even though the information may be identical, the perceived value is huge, but the cost to our business to fulfil a physical verses digital product can also be huge.

So knowing this we might look to increase the “opt-in rate” by offering a physical product mixed with digital products for the main order. Then for the upsell page, we can offer digital products because the second upsell is always easier.

A lot of psychology perhaps needs to be understood here, but all part of the learning process as I go through this course.

Jim Edward’s copywriting teaching today is 10-minutes and he is teaching the formula for creating each item in your offer stack.

A pdf provided has the “Offer piece formula” we can use to create our copy for each item of our offer stack. In funnel scripts we have a tool which will do 90% of our work for us, called, “the offer stack script” but this isn’t free.

A second short 4-minute video from Jim explains a new perspective on the description for our offer pieces. We want to describe our items in a way that provides maximum value.

The new perspective uses bullet points to describe our items. This method is good if you are heading for a long paragraph with a description, as long paragraphs are mostly not going to keep the attention of our potential customer.

Today there isn’t any coaching calls but another day of receiving great teaching, this challenge is moving fast right now so need to keep up with the pace, and not fall behind.

See you tomorrow as we continue with mission 5, of week 1, of this challenge.

Thank you

Roy Clayton.