Roy Clayton
3 min readJul 28, 2020


The incredible internet marketing course, Week 2, Mission 2.

Today we continue my journal of Click funnels’, “One Funnel Away” Challenge, today we continue with week 2 mission 2 of this challenge.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and you’ll see that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

Today is titled: “Epiphany Bridge” starting in the member’s area with, Russell’s video today which is 19-minutes and starts with thinking about, what was it that got me excited about what I’m doing now?

This is our epiphany moment, if we can take ourselves back to this moment we will be where our customers are. If we don’t then we are likely to go off in some “techno-babble” language, which isn’t the language of our customer, we need to allow them to have the Epiphany, allow our listener to feel what we felt as we had that incredible epiphany moment.

In a “nutshell”, tell a story, get someone to have the epiphany; then they will want, what you are selling.

Russell’s second video is from “funnel hacking live” and is just over an hour, with the title, “how to create belief”

An interesting answer is given to the question, “how do you get so much done”? The answer was to find the huge domino that will knock down everything and cause all the other dominos to fall, basically find the huge task that makes all the other tasks irrelevant, and complete this one. Wow, do you feel that “aha” moment?

Most people try to sell using “techno-babble” and this kills sales; the “big domino” is to sell via the epiphany. Tell the story of your epiphany, and let your customer see what they need, themselves. The whole hour’s presentation is basically covering this topic in detail.

Stephen Larson’s coaching call today is 54-minutes and looks further into, “the power of a story”, how to let your customer receive the benefit of going through the emotions of a story, without actually having to go through the experience. This teaching has the power to change people’s understanding of what sales is, once the perspective of how people see the world, changes, then there is a moral obligation to sell to them what they need.

Stephen then goes through the “Epiphany Bridge Script” which is also found on page 175 of the second edition of Expert secrets, you can get a free copy of here, and you just need to pay the shipping.

Stephen’s teaching goes through a framework for how to tell a story, via these five main headings; “The Backstory”; “The Journey”; “New Opportunity”; The Framework” and the “Achievement and Transformation”.

Jim Edward’s video today is 11-minutes and helps us get our Epiphany Bridge Story done. Jim teaches the main parts of the story, how they all fit together and gives two hand-outs to help get all the pieces out of my head and stored in my computer instead.

The hand-outs are; The Epiphany Bridge story worksheet and Epiphany Bridge story Example, a great example using the story of how Clickfunnells was birthed, following the script to the letter

The shortcut is the Epiphany bridge script within “funnel Scripts” but this is not part of this challenge and so isn’t free.

Today has been another great day, very deep psychological teaching perhaps, but this challenge does seem to cover ground other courses don’t, so I’m not surprised.

See you tomorrow as we continue with mission 3 of this second week of this challenge.

Thank you.

Roy Clayton.