Roy Clayton
4 min readAug 4, 2020


The incredible internet marketing course, Week 3, Mission 2.

The incredible internet marketing course, Week 3, Mission 2.

Today we continue with mission 2, week 3 of, Click funnels’, “One Funnel Away” Challenge. Today is titled, “Your Share Funnel”.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

Starting in the member’s area, Russell Brunson teaching is 14-minutes and helps us first with an overview than the basics of Click funnels, for example, sections are green, rows and columns are blue, and elements are orange.

A good funnel structure isn’t difficult to achieve and goes approximately 10% towards the success of a business, still the most important are my stories, hooks, offers etc., this copy is much more important, around 90% to the success of my business.

Stephen Larson has two coaching call today; the first is 63-minutes and begins by walking us through click funnels. In years past, teams of people were needed to create a sales funnel and completed only one about every 3 months. I’m planning to build a sales funnel on my own using Click funnels, as part of this challenge. Wow!

I download the One Funnel Away Share funnel in to my Click Funnels account, which is surprisingly simple, now I just need to edit and transition from the design that we’ve covered so far to a working sales funnel. It’s still advisable to design out the funnel that’s needed either via pen and paper or on computer.

Everything I do within my click funnels account is done over the internet so there’s no need for a super-fast computer, everything done is immediately live if this isn’t wanted then simply add the URL last.

Stephens second coaching call is 57-minutes and goes through specifically, what we need to do when we don’t control the cart. What to do when you’re an affiliate marketer, network marketer, MLM, or commission-based and the cart is controlled by someone else.

Stephen gives useful detailed advice to accomplish this, still collect customer’s email, my affiliate commission, while staying ethical, and well within the rules.

We can still create an offer that is focussed around the affiliate product we are promoting, if we can offer products that will fix potential issues, this will then make the affiliate product much more attractive too.

sales funnel

Jim Edward’s teaching today is 12-minutes, titled “Anatomy of a hook story offer page”, looking at a number of funnels and discussing what’s good, what’s not, and why. A useful exercise.

Within our workbook, we have a useful template so that we can check that we have our, hook, story, offer, testimonials, stack, guarantee, proof, etc. Jim lays out the “building blocks” for our sales page, which we will assemble over the next couple of days, assembling and polishing the work we already completed

Julie’s coaching call today is 23-minutes and starts by giving some advice about the funnel hacker’s cookbook, which explains the 22 different types of funnels available. A resource is available as part of this challenge.

A “funnel scripts” explanation, details how powerful it is and how to get the best out of it. Starting with a white paper with no idea where to start, is difficult, Julie is a professional copywriter, but she still uses funnel scripts, even if to just get past the blank paper, or blinking cursor syndrome.

We then had an overview of lots of the basic actions of click funnels, for example, the difference between padding and margin. The padding creates space between the edges of the section and the elements, and margin moves the section up or down, I chose this example because it’s a common misunderstanding, so I decided that I need to understand and remember this!

Advice like hiding sections and elements, rather than delete; there is a useful feature that allows you to hide and unhide as you work; this is safer and much easier.

There are no coaching calls today, but still, another long and informative day, see you tomorrow as we continue with mission 3 of this third week.

Thank you.

Roy Clayton.