The incredible internet marketing course, Week 3, Weekend Missions.

The incredible internet marketing course, Week 3, Weekend Missions.

Today we continue with the weekend missions, week 3 of, Click funnels’, “One Funnel Away” Challenge. This weekend we are completing our “Members Area”, and then the testing of our funnel before going live.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

Russell Brunson has two teachings this weekend, the first is 5-minutes and goes through how to build out our member’s area; a place to plug in all our products.

We create a section for each core product so that if our customer didn’t purchase a certain product then they don’t get access. So we plug everything in and set the access permissions. Very simple area, but there’s really no need for anything more complicated.

Russell’s second video is all about “Testing”, we eagerly launch our funnel only to find it doesn’t work, so we need to first put our funnel into “Test Mode”. After this, we can go through the whole process, live including payment etc.

Jim Edward’s has a few teachings, the first takes us through how we might, video ourselves, teaching a pre-prepared script message and use a teleprompter called, “cue-prompter” to read our script. A great way to make accurate video presentations, especially if you are not comfortable speaking, “off the cuff” with little preparation.

Jim’s second video is the finished presentation for the above product, from the customer side of the camera. We saw Jim teaching us how to create this using a teleprompter, now we get to see the finished article.

Jim’s third teaching this weekend is making sure all our sales copy is as good as we can make it, Jim’s title is “Polishing Your Sales Copy for Maximum Sales”

Jim uses a check-list to ask questions like; what problem do I solve? Who’s my target audience? With the Title and Headlines, does it have a hook to draw attention? Does the hook build curiosity that resonates with your target audience? Does your sales copy discuss a problem and how to fix it?

Going through a checklist like this, can only improve the content, and avoid mistakes.

Julie’s first call today is 10 minutes and walks us through building the “member’s area” of our funnel, and advises to create a lesson section for each product, we can add lessons, but this does get more complicated. Julie then walked us step by step, setting up a member’s area, with lots of great tips. If some of our products aren’t ready yet then we can still go live, but add a calendar with the scheduled launch, so our customers know when these products are going to be available.

Julie’s second 10-minute video is looking at “Testing”, another step by step, walkthrough of the process. In the workbook there is a “testing checklist”, and Julie goes through this list, explaining each step, what we need to do to complete the task. A great idea to go through this checklist before launching, it’s easy to miss something and that can be embarrassing at best.

The busiest weekend of this challenge so far, but great advice and teaching as we completed the building of our funnel. Tomorrow we start at week 4 where we look at “Traffic”. See you tomorrow as we continue with the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Thank you.

Roy Clayton.



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