The incredible internet marketing course, Week 4, Mission 3.

The incredible internet marketing course, Week 4, Mission 3.

Today we continue week 4 off, Click funnels’, “One Funnel Away” Challenge, with mission 3 titled, “Earn your way in”.

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see the sales funnel and that it’s $100 to join the challenge, which is incredible value for money.

Starting in the member’s area, Russell Brunson teaching is 13-minutes, we are looking at how to place “hooks” and earn traffic, hence today’s title. For those doing this challenge that has more time than money, then this is the method, tomorrow we will look into how we should buy our way in.

How do we get people from our dream 100 lists and into our funnel, to answer this question we looked at why the know celebrities in films we like to watch are basically a hook, they drive people from various places like shows for example and get them to watch the movie. If we look at each platform as a show we can look to put our hook into this show, if our hook is a free book, we can offer this on the show and these people will start to come over to our squeeze page and from there the rest of our funnel.

Stephen Larson’s coaching call today is 40-minutes and teaches further about what Stephen calls “earning eyeballs”, starting with looking at how we need to siphon off traffic from places where there are already lots of people. To try to start from scratch and generate our own traffic is extremely difficult, especially if we don’t already have a following.

As we test our funnels, we can let the market tell us how to change our funnel, we can go deep into split testing, and this will for sure increase profitability, but, as we are starting we need to look at more major changes, the market is crying out for us to change.

It might be difficult or even embarrassing to reach out and talk to people like the dream 100 and other teachings in this course ask us to do, and it can be, but the best way to achieve this is to “add value”, if you can find what will help the influencers we are trying to reach, then this can be a great method to reach our goals.

We look at “buying our way in”, tomorrow but Stephen looks ahead to this today by making the statement, “The person that spends the MOST to acquire a customer, wins” and explains why that we need to work hard, yes, but work hard on the things that are going to duplicate our time. Once our sales message is “out there”, we can be busy when we are resting!

Barn full of ads

Jim Edward’s teaching today is 19-minutes, titled “3 different types of ads”, but explains there are a lot of different types of ads that we can run and where you can run them.

Jim teaches some principles we can apply no matter what type of ads you’re running, not only to get more traffic but also to get better results from the ads we run.

The biggest thing to remember is the main purpose of an ad, is to; hook, to grab attention, the body that arouses, and a CTA that drives to somewhere else. Jim then takes us through a number of examples, of good copy, and good pictures to use too.

Julie’s coaching call today is 8-minutes and started why you can’t just ask your influencer, you have to make it a “win, win” situation for our influencer, there have to be irresistible benefits for them.

Julie points us to a resource, “The Secret To Getting Anybody To Do Anything You Want”, by Russell after he received a request for 7-minutes of his time. This explains how we should and should not; go about asking for help from our influencers. You can find this 10-minute podcast here.

Whatever platforms we are on then we need to be visible. If we use Facebook groups as an example, if people like what they see, they will go to our profile, so if we create a response to a popular thread, that is either, funny, polarising, or helpful, the chances are that they will hover over and then go to our funnel. I should create a spreadsheet of all the groups I need to go into.

There are 2 live 2-hour coaching calls today, but I’m going to cover these in tomorrow’s journal of this challenge, so watch out for those, see you tomorrow as we continue with mission 4 of this fourth week, of the challenge.

Thank you.

Roy Clayton.



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