What’s Next?

After completing Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge, receiving incredible value, what next? How do I find the people I can relate to, help, and make money while I’m doing it?

The challenge can be found here, or if you go to the “One Funnel Away” Challenge, site, you’ll see that it’s $100 to join, which is incredible value for money.

Someone asked, “So tell us about your product or service you’re providing, and who it is that you’re helping”? At present, I can’t answer that question and that’s a little embarrassing, so what’s next for me? If I’m to promote click funnels, then deciding which group of people, and what problems that particular group of people will have, is key.

For example, with going through the one funnel away the challenge, could I offer to go through the challenge with someone, and to build our funnels together, so many people asking for help, they might want to come through the challenge together, I will know the questions that they have.

Maybe someone is new in online business, how and why to use PLR, business ideas in 2021, what are the new industries, if dropshipping isn’t what it was a year ago, certainly online is the big thing right now, but what type?

Work with people getting started in online business, help them create, help other people create their first e-commerce funnel, by going through the OFA challenge, so bring it all together this way. But I need to decide what group of people I need to help?

Which market am I going to go after? Which market could I become the leader in that space, and once I’ve picked the market there is than so many things I could do, which market do I truly understand, and therefore understand the problems and pain points.

I could then create a funnel and give this funnel to my market, give my notes, or systems, why should they buy from me as opposed to other affiliates?

How do affiliates get really good, if I can go after the section of the market that I know, not try to be something for everyone, I need to niche down, the amazing top affiliates all have a particular niche, different types of business that they are trying to help out.


Do I teach my niche people how to get more customers or those who don’t want to do their 9 to 5 job anymore, how to have their own funnels and how to have everything else; even then I would need to niche down, for the particular funnel I was creating.

To be an affiliate for Clickfunnels, you have to make $1000 from other Clickfunnels products first, which shouldn’t be too difficult once I’ve found my niche.

To help me with this important process, I’m going through the one funnel away challenge again, the first week is “offers”, and the first subject of the challenge is the Avatar, narrowing down who this is and what I will help them with. So my decision needs to be made, I can choose any niche, but I have to choose, which niche do I understand the business and the specific language?

While a ship is moving, it can be steered in any direction, but if a ship isn’t moving, turning the wheel won’t have any effect and the ship won't reach its destination. Right now I need to choose and run with my niche, then I’ll be able to steer my business to its destination.

Thank you,

Roy Clayton.